We Buy Pecans


M & D Pecanland, Inc. is all about Pecan Nuts. It is a family owned and operated American Corporation since 2001.

We have a commercial production of pecan nuts in our farm since 1994, where the main area had been family owned by 4 generations and some pecan trees are more than 100 years old.

Team work and long term relationships are basic on pecan business as well as many other areas. With this in mind we started in 2011 a new service in our corporation, buying pecans directly from the farmers principally or any other point in the marketing channel to supply the mayor pecan buyers and processors in USA with who we have a good relationship.

At M&D Pecanland, Inc. we consider that THE USE OF PECAN NUTS IN OUR DAILY DIET is a sustainable nutritional option to improve our lifestyles.

We hope “from heart to heart” you enjoy all our products and services.

Healthy and long life

Daniel Rosas-Decanini

Founder & President

We are nuts about nuts